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Let flowers speak!

Where do our flowers and plants actually come from? We are normally not able to trace the path back further than to the store counter. But thanks to the GLOBALG.A.P. Number (GGN) on the packaging, that has changed. If you type in the GGN into the input field, we will show you the farmer behind your flower or plant. Want to test it? Try it out – simply copy 1234567890123 into the entry box.

Where can I find the GGN?

Where can I find the GGN?

You can find the GGN on the packaging of your flower or ornamental plant – provided the farmer works in accordance with our GLOBALG.A.P. Standard for sustainable agriculture. Watch out for the GGN label the next time you go shopping!

What is behind the GGN?

A flower says more than a thousand words. But it reveals nothing about its actual origin. And that’s exactly what the GGN is there for. It shows that a flower or ornamental plant is sourced from a certified, sustainable farm, and helps you to learn more about the respective origins.

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Why is the GGN so important?

Flowers and plants should provide joy – and not harm anyone. But, for example, their cultivation consumes a lot of water, which can be a real problem for exporting countries like Kenya, Ecuador and Ethiopia. Sustainable, socially responsible and resource-conserving management is thus required. But hardly any buyers can actually check themselves which farmers act in such an environmentally friendly way. And that’s what we’ll do for you.

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